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Who Cares?

You may have noticed our Who Cares prints in the Health Centre or around the community. That’s because we’ve been trying to get the word out about our Who Cares fundraising campaign.


The concept behind our campaign is a reminder that the problems we face in health care are not someone else’s problem to solve and that we should all care that our Health Centre is the best it can be. Instead of thinking ‘who cares?’ to a problem that doesn’t directly affect us right now, we need to start working on the solution for when we do need the Health Centre in the future. Together we can make a community effort to raise funds for our Health Centre that serves us all.


Over the next 12 months, we will be sharing real stories of real people about a real impact that the Health Centre has had on them and why they care. We will be providing stories and evidence of how donations make a difference in our Health Center, which is one big reason to care!






Who Cares? Here are some people in your community who care about our Health Care Centre.


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Current Need

The CEHHC Foundation strives to improve healthcare in our community by funding equipment and other patient care enhancements, so all community  members can access the care they deserve. Help us save a life by donating today.

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Foundation Address:
600 Abenaki Road

Truro, Nova Scotia  B2N 5A1

The Foundation office is located on the left as you enter the main entrance of the Colchester East Hants Health Centre.

 (902) 893-5541
 (902) 895-5841

Mon-Fri, 8am - 4pm


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