Current Need

Current Need

Dear Friends;

Healthcare is at the heart of every community and, this year, healthcare challenges have not only been top of mind, they have been at the top of every newscast and the front page of newspapers.

For much of 2020, your Foundation’s fundraising efforts were focused on Covid-19 – ensuring that our healthcare teams had the equipment needs they needed to ensure optimal care for Covid-19 patients. Our community has been fortunate to have fared well and, even as cases are rising, our confidence in our healthcare teams and our community remains high.  

The Foundation has begun to shift its focus back to meeting the ongoing needs of our community with a commitment to fund a new ophthalmology microscope, and we need your help.

A new ophthalmology microscope is the number one need for our hospital and critical to the work of Dr. Jamie Rogers, who performs approximately 1,200 cataract surgeries annually. The microscope that he has been using can no longer be serviced, and a breakdown could leave patients on a wait list for treatment in other areas of the province.

“Cataract surgeries are very important for our community,” says Dr. Rogers. “Obviously, it keeps people seeing, but it also keeps them driving and doing the things they want to do and enjoying life in general.”

A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s normally clear lens, making it seem like we’re looking through a light fog. Vision may become less sharp, colours may seem duller, and night glare related to lights may become more bothersome, and potentially more dangerous. Cataracts develop as a normal part of aging and approximately 50% of people will develop them by the age of 80. Surgery is the only way to remove a cataract and help patients get back to clear vision.

Dr. Rogers says that a new ceiling-mounted microscope will provide much clearer visualization of the surgical area, enabling greater precision. The new microscope has a high definition camera and its ergonomic design will allow for intuitive control. An added bonus is that it is also com¬patible with equipment and software used in Dr. Rogers’ office.

“The new microscope is integrated with the diagnostic equipment that I use in my office when I see people pre-operatively, and that really helps increase the precision of the cataract surgery,” said Dr. Rogers. “The details of microscopic cataract surgery are extremely important in getting good results and being able to tie the microscope into diagnostic imaging is really, really valuable.”

I hope that you, too, will see the important opportunity we have to improve the quality of life for members of our community and I’m asking you to join me in supporting our fundraising efforts to bring this vital equipment to our community. You have been the Foundation’s most loyal and generous supporters, and I’m hopeful that despite all of the challenges of the last year, that you will be able to join me in making a donation toward the $190,000 cost of this equipment.

I believe that, with your support, this equipment will help ensure a sustainable eye care system in our community for years to come. Thanks to generous donors like you, the Foundation will continue to support efforts to ensure that quality care is available here at home. Should appeal donations exceed the current amount needed, or if priority needs change, your gift will be used to fund other priority equipment or patient care enhancements for your health centre.

Please join me in supporting the funding of this vital piece of equipment by making your gift today.


Sharon Crowe's signature

Sharon Crowe

Executive Director

CEHHC Foundation

P.S. “I know that Covid-19 has presented us with many challenges, but I hope you will consider making a donation for this microscope. It’s important for our facility, and for our population, and it would certainly be a well-used piece of equipment. Thank you.– Dr. Jamie Rogers.


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Current Need

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