Current Need

Current Need

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“Life’s persistent and most urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’”

Martin Luther King Jr.

The Colchester East Hants Health Centre is the Northern Health Zone’s treatment centre for urology, providing care to patients from Elmsdale to the New Brunswick border, and Advocate Harbour to the Canso Causeway. To ensure the best possible care for their patients, your hospital’s surgical team has asked the Foundation to fund a Thulium Fibre Laser.

“Having this laser in our surgical suite will allow us to offer so much more to the patients in our community needing treatment,” said Amanda Billard, Health Services Manager – Perioperative Services. “I’m passionate about perioperative services and providing them here in our community, and ensuring they remain available in our community. Having the proper equipment available will certainly help.”

The Thulium Fibre Laser has become a game-changer when it comes to urologic surgery. It can break up (kidney) stones in half the time, creating a finer “dust”, or fragments from the stones, allowing for easier passage and less likelihood for reoccurrence. The Thulium laser can also break apart larger stones than the laser currently being used, the Holmium laser, reducing the need for a patient to undergo multiple procedures, thereby helping to reduce the wait time.

The Thulium laser also offers environmental and ergonomic improvements. The size of the Thulium laser is one-eighth the size of the Holmium laser, taking up less space in the Operating Room while allowing the Thulium to fit on a wheeled operating room cart, making moving it between operating rooms much easier. The Thulium also uses a standard power outlet, unlike the larger generator needed to run the Holmium laser. The Thulium laser is also significantly quieter when in use.

The urology team will be giving the Thulium Fibre Laser a test run for three weeks in November, which will give them a better idea of what the laser is truly capable of. It’s a very exciting time for Urologist Dr. Peter Massaro and his team, as new technology brings many new opportunities.

 “The Thulium laser will give us a lot more flexibility in the services we’re able to offer, from blasting stones to prostate resections,” said Dr. Massaro. “We’ll be able to treat more patients here at our health centre, saving them a potential trip to Halifax for certain procedures.”

With your support, the Foundation will provide $179,000 to fund the Thulium Fibre Laser, enhancing patient care, and most importantly, ensure that quality care is available for you, your family, friends, and neighbours here at home. Should appeal donations exceed the funding needed for the laser, or if equipment priorities shift, your gift will be used to fund other priority equipment or patient care enhancements for your health centre.

I’ve already made my gift and I ask you to please join me in supporting the funding of this new technology by making your gift today.

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Sharon Crowe
Executive Director
Colchester East Hants Health Centre Foundation

PS: Every day we read or we hear about the enormous pressure on our healthcare system and on the skilled teams providing care on a daily basis. The news concerns all of us and we think there is nothing we can do to make a difference. But we have to try. Today we can take that first step. The funding of the Thulium Fibre Laser will ensure that our team has the most advanced equipment available, making their work more efficient and effective. That will make a difference for every surgical patient under this team’s care. The number of procedures to treat one patient will be reduced, which helps not only that patient, but also the next patient waiting for their procedure. Our team and our patients need your support.

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Current Need

The CEHHC Foundation strives to improve healthcare in our community by funding equipment and other patient care enhancements, so all community  members can access the care they deserve. Help us save a life by donating today.

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