Caldwell Roach's Generous Gift Leaves A Lasting Impact 

Every act of giving during this festive time sets off a magical chain reaction, much like the twinkling lights on a Christmas tree. A single gift has the power to be the spark that lights up hearts, inspires goodwill, and brings about the joy of positive transformation.

That is exactly what happened for the team at Caldwell Roach when they heard that a local donor in Truro would make a $7000 gift to the hospital foundation, if a local business would step up and match his contribution.  Without hesitation the team from Caldwell Roach said a resounding yes in a true convergence of individual generosity and corporate citizenship and compassion.


Your gift, no matter the size could spark a giving chain that reaches far and wide. Make your donation today! 


Caldwell Roach 


The CEHHC Foundation strives to improve healthcare in our community by funding equipment and other patient care enhancements, so all community  members can access the care they deserve. Help us save a life by donating today.

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