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For most of us, remembering a loved one or a special friend in our will is an important part of how we provide for those we care most about. As we look back over our life about what has been important to us, and what is important to our community, it always comes back to health. For more information on the importance of having a will, click here.

Through the generous support of our community we’ve been able to commit more than $40 million in equipment, patient care enhancements, healthcare education, and building our hospital.

We’ve been able to make quality care possible because of you, our donors. Leaving a legacy gift makes a healthier tomorrow possible.

How do I make a legacy gift?

There are a variety of ways that you can leave your legacy, including:


Bequests are the most common legacy gift. After providing for the security of your loved ones, you may wish to leave a gift to the Foundation. A gift may be a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or the residual amount left after all other heirs have been provided for.

Life Insurance

By naming the Foundation as the owner or beneficiary of an existing policy, you will receive a tax receipt for any cash value in the policy and the resulting tax credit after your death could reduce the tax burden on your heirs.

Purchasing a new life insurance policy and naming a charity as the owner and beneficiary will not only give a significant gift to a cause you care about, you will also receive a tax receipt for the annual premiums. This allows you to make a substantial future gift at a reduced after-tax cost.


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Ways to Support

The CEHHC Foundation strives to improve healthcare in our community by funding equipment and other patient care enhancements, so all community  members can access the care they deserve. Help us save a life by donating today.

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The Foundation office is located on the left as you enter the main entrance of the Colchester East Hants Health Centre.

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